Salaheddine Bouanani (S. Din Art Studio), self-taught artist

Born in 1972, Salaheddine Bouanani, AKA S. Din Art Studio,is a multi-talented artist. Pharmacist

by training, he has turned his pharmacy shop into a workshop to seamlessly move between

these two worlds. His art expresses his deeply rooted attachment to his culture and his

environment, to nature and to the landscapes that nurture his daily life. Armed with a solid

understanding of the history of art and various media and tools, S. Dinis an eclectic artist who

navigates his own emotional turmoil to create complex works that suggest great expressionism.

His artworksrevealthe human condition, its constraints,and contradictions, through faces that

he has uniquely painted, combining humor and a keen sociological sensibility. Some canbe

viewed as self-portraits where heshares his own story through his creations, with lightness and

sensibility. Some others areametaphor for the human spirit, from the state of the ghost or the

ethereal body,that suggest a battle with internal spirits, but also reflecta generous amount of

tenderness, poetry, and humanity.

Salaheddine Bouanani has exhibited in many art galleries in the US, Spain, and Morocco. He

lives and works in Asilah, Morocco.


January 2024 : Zohra & Matisse Art Center, Tanger. « Les ruines circulaires ». Solo exhibition.

June – July 2023 : Dawliz Art Gallery, Rabat. « Les ruines circulaires ». Solo exhibition.

June 2023 : Aplanos Art Gallery, Asilah. « L’ombre de l’homme ». Solo exhibition.

May – September 2023: Maison d’Art Contemporain, Asilah. « Symposium Mashreq – Maghreb

». Group exhibition.

March – April 2023: Dar Saïda Cultural Center, Marrakech. « Rêveries transhumanistes». Solo


September 2022: Galerie Aplanos Asilah. « Rétrospective 2000–2022 ». Group exhibition.

March – April 2022: DS Gallery Casablanca. « Expressions Féminines », Art First Group


November 2021: Galerie Les Insolites Tanger. « Raconte-moi un visage », Solo exhibition.

October 2021: American Home Space Casablanca. « Human Dignity », Group exhibition.

September 2021: Azart Gallery NYC. « Art On Paper New York City », Group exhibition.

November 2020: American Home Space Casablanca. « Art For A Change », Group exhibition

November 2020: Azart Gallery NYC. « Cosmopolis », Resilience and Diversity in New York City.

Group exhibition

February 2020: 1-54 Marrakech Art Fair. United Artists Group exhibition

October 2019: Galerie Les Insolites Tanger. « Art is Faceless », Solo exhibtion

July 2019: NewYork Art Center, USA. The Divine, Group exhibition

December 2018: Fondation Bouregreg, Galerie Bab Fés, Salé, Morocco. Group exhibition.

June 2017 : Fête de la musique BNRM, Bibliothèque Nationale du Royaume du Maroc. Group


April 2017 : Journée mondiale de l’art, Autohall, Rabat, Maroc. Group exhibition

September 2016 : 17ème édition du Tanjazz, Tangier, Morocco. Group exhibition

October 2015: Fondation Ibn Battuta de Barcelone, Spain. Group exhibition

October 2015 : Fondation Conxa I Sisquella, La Garriga, Spain. moroccan-catalan group


June 2015 : Insitut Cervantes Rabat, Morocco. Group exhibition